Friday, 5 January 2007


The efforts of STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH to highlight and reduce local authority anti social behaviour are NOT funded by the Metropolitan Police, the Metropolitan Police Authority or Lambeth Borough Council. However they have had indirect support from the Greater London Authority arising from "AN URGENT NEED" a report published by the GLA in early 2006. This report reviewed the serious increase in the lack of public toilet provision London-wide over the past 2O year period. Unfortunately Lambeth's lack of provision figured much less in the above report than it clearly ought to have.

With an ear to current Association of Chief Police Officers advice I am temporarily postponing the publication of any images relating to Stockwell Toilet Watch because to do so might infringe the "human rights" of local Stockwell worthies who inevitably get "caught short" because since closure there have now been no local public toilets here for nigh on 2o year'.

In addition I would like to reassure all escapee long term prisoners hiding out in the Stockwell undergrowth (who have not yet been shot in error by police) that if they need to open their bowels or relieve their bursting bladders in this busy neighbourhood they will not be grassed up or otherwise publicly hounded. Not to the local police, or to the Council, or the media - the latter includes the in-house cop-out Council rag "LAMBETH life". In my next I hope to carry a brief illustrated review of last years two smelly little STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH publications including the "STOCKWELL sCRAPBOOK".

Meanwhile any readers who still remember the brutal slaughter in July 2005 at Stockwell Underground Station by police of the young brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes can enrol to participate with armed Metropolitan Police Firearms Units in mock-up anti-terrorist exercises. According to the London media (2 January) the Met are laying on these participatory "opportunities" to get their point of view across to those members of the public who concluded from the 22 July 2005 events that Met firearms officers had behaved in an over-zealous extremely trigger happy fashion. It is presumed that Sir Ian Blair, the Met Commissioner, has been informed that these mock-up counter propaganda exercises have been organised. Any reader who suspects that he may have been been kept in the dark could send him a polite missive as it may thus save substantial public funds by preventing yet another wasteful Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation. Reportedly rank and file Met' officers are currently shitting themselves because the I.P.C.C. is seriously threatening to have hearings for "serious police disciplinary offences" held in public. This is also an acute worry for STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH - given the 22 July 2005 events - because local officers might start needing to "dunk" in the Stockwell area where there are no public toilets. Ex Commander Paddick may yet be prevailed upon to re-visit the manor with his pooper-scooper.


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