Saturday, 29 March 2008


Had a peep at this week's NEW STATESMAN blogger/writer SIAN BERRY. As the Green Party "London Mayor" election candidate she invites NS readers to inspect her GREEN PARTY with immediately accessible one-click webpaged links. To do so brings disappointment because there isn't a whisper anywhere under any head about public toilet provision - it was a fortnight ago today that at the London ANTI WAR RALLY the GreenParty was "caught-short" on the very same question - see here

Kilroy has now blogged MAYORAL candidate SIAN BERRY to campaign for improved public toilet provision - has requested her to openly campaign to make it obligatory by law that local authorities should provide public toilets. Her attention has also been drawn to the Greater London Assembly (March 2006) Report "AN URGENT NEED" which recommended that pro-rata public toilet provision for women should be twice that which is provided for men. Instead we have silence on the issue from the Green Mayoral candidate. Will this change during the ongoing mayoral campaign?


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