Friday, 26 March 2010


Maybe the Westminster Magistrates "DELROY ATTACK DOG SMELLIE" comic opera (in a manner of speaking) will get wrapped up today - it's already over-run its scheduled linolium. Delroy "attack dog" was at times a truly dim-witted star performer yesterday. Unable to "asp" or break the nose or arms of those attempting to penetrate his secretive frontal lobes he instead confessed to the court that it had been explained to him on a number of occasions by bigger Met Police fishes than he why he'd been suspended from duty after his violent "attack dog" antics at the IAN TOMLINSON "Memorial" demo last year. Trouble is that his frontal lobes had played hard to find - so he just didn't get it - not even to this day as to why he'd been suspended. He's not into acknowledging the situation one little bit - one would have thought that this was hardly the head space for a conscientious sagacious careful cop. And yet this specimen in police estimation is one of the "elite" bright public order policing "attack dogs". Heaven help us with regard to those who are less highly regarded in the police farmyard than dimwit Delroy. Genuine apologies are extended to farm yard animals everywhere.
Of course dimwit knows very well why he's been suspended but he's just doing the verbal - lying - after all its only a court room - to save his skin. Exactly like ex Commissioner Ian Blair lied transparently through his crooked teeth about how soon he knew that innocent Jean Charles de Menezes had been shot dead by police at Stockwell Station.
On yesterdays narrative dimwit Delroy recounted that the 2nd April 2009 events threw him big time so much so that he almost faced his 9/11 attack come-uppance because of the provocative threatening presence of Nicola Fisher. The verbal went that woweee she was about to launch a truly big time attack on him - poor isolated diminutive dimwit Smellie Delroy. There was no evidence that fighter planes were scrambled to deal with the emergency but certainly dimwit's brain cells were. Maybe fighter planes from City Airport or Biggin Hill will feature today.
Diminutive dimwit Delroy. Just stop and look at him in the above vid frame with his heavy duty "attack dog" elbow pads - he appears to be the ONLY truly full time prowling pugnacious cop shown in the Nicola Frazer attack vid sequence - click here to view - kitted out big time, and clearly very keen to put the ASP-like boot in.


At 26 March 2010 at 03:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I heard too that they scrambled Biggin Hill planes to sort out NICOLA FISHER's diabolical attack on Delroy Smellie - he was luck to come out of that little scrape.



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