Friday, 5 January 2007


Taken from the 2006 summer "STOCKWELL sCRAPBOOK" I am confident that the Attorney General will NOT deem the well intentioned positive use of this mug-shot (without police permission) to be an indelicate infringement of Clare's "human rights". She is after all an escapee "on the run" (ex lifer) from Newt Labour. And she certainly could have been "caught short" because there are no local public loos and I understand that she lives locally with about a half mile walk home from Stockwell Tube Station. She certainly didn't close our loos back September 1988. Although that crudely performed ignoble deed WAS a Labour one, carried out by our local borough council. A late 8O's instance of ASBO behaviour by elected politicians. Try slapping an ASBO on that power elite posse. Or indeed on their successors. Fat chance.


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