Sunday, 30 March 2008


------------------------- Click in image to enlarge YOOF poster.

Middle class squatter "YOOF" including Sid Spliff, a doctor or two, an ex-Etonian and even "JJ" a female primal screamer have tagged Villa Road, Brixton. The hard nosed prediction is that Property is Bleedin' Theft an’ they wont be goin’ no-where honey no way no how no not never. Indeed no-holds-barred "YOOF" graffiti on the garden bog's inner wall at No. 31 (or thereabouts) reads "A WOMAN NEEDS A MAN LIKE A FISH NEEDS A BICYCLE".

A VILLIAN "YOOF" SQUATTER BENEFIT GIG is all set for late May. Entrance at forty pee is dirt cheap and so local fuzz are warned not to gate-crash wearing only their helmets and a hairy legged erection.

Ex Etonian David Cameron and local Lambeth Councillors and their hyper-sensitive dreamy eyed support staff have not been invited on pain of being given offence. Ditto HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES. A proportion of the door takings will go to KILROY to help fund Lambeth Council's so far non-existant COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME.


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