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Offical 1963 report into use of "RHINO WHIPS" by SHEFFIELD POLICE THUGS.

Text of SHEFFIELD 'RHINO WHIP" police report asserting that
violent attacks by police on the public were NOT justified.
And Nicola Fisher? What about Smellie her 2009 cop attacker eh????

The 1990 biography in which Challenor admitted threats to "kill" and "fix" investigations.

Challenor's 1990 own admitted "threats to kill" biography text.

1963! It was the year when on 11th July the notorious, violent and disgustingly corrupt cop HAROLD CHALLENOR finally tried fitting-up members of the public one time too often and so eventually came very unstuck. Not that that stopped him over 27 years later (in 1990) writing a biography in which he openly stated that he'd gone into cells holding law breakers and had told them that if they ever showed up on his patch again he'd kill one or other of them, would take over the murder investigation himself and would manipulate matters so that those still alive would get convicted of the murder that he himself would have committed. This is an ex-Met CID Sergeant boastfully revealing himself even despite having had 27 years in which to re-think and sort himself out. Challenor never did any porridge he simply got the push for being loony - thus the police and political heirarchy saved its bacon as far as it manipulatively could.

Challenor's blatantly uninhibited July 1963 antics came just 4 months almost to the day after a separate set of notorious, violent and disgustingly corrupt cops had been using "rhino whips" (yes rhino whips) in police stations on police suspects to extract "confessions" the police in question being somewhat demoralised because their clear-up rates were poor. And furthermore the officers in question had then recently been re-located into an "elite" police unit - now where have I heard about "elite" police just recently? The above "unoffical" weaponry used by the police had been used previously on suspects, and it was known within police ranks that the weaponry in question was available, and that it was being so used. The attack police in question were CID. They were based in the Sheffield area. When all this shit was hitting the 1963 fan DELROY SMELLIE was to be a brand new human race entrant.

The Sheffield attacks were VERY violent. Indeed one CID brutaliser was so enthused that he removed his own clothing above the waist hoping to inhibit the victim of his attacks the more so by so doing. There was an official investigation into the attacks the details of which were officially reported back - full report available HERE - the "attack" officers had even had the effrontry to appeal against their loss of police employment for having behaved as described. Unsurprisingly their appeals were unsuccessful. Mind you when you read the whole report the hocus pocus police machinations went on at all levels to extricate themselves from this spot of deep dyed dracula in blue.

According to the above mentioned APPEAL report (above) one of the arrested victims was deemed to have been a bit mouthy and upset (see REPORT excerpt reproduced above) at the way he was being held and beaten up (excerpt above) - no doubt the police attacker had been hoping that this explanation would exonerate him. However the above APPEAL report was very specific to point out that that prisoners resentment and verbal protestations were NO justification for the police attacks that had been made upon him. Delroy Smellie new on earth when this POLICE RHINO WHIP report was published fared much better in 2010 as a vicious police "glove in the face" and "ASP" attacker against Nicola Fisher in April 2009 (see previous recent blogspots) when clearly he ought not to have done.


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