Wednesday, 30 November 2011


ST GEORGE PLC who are developing THE TOWER on NINE ELMS LANE and in so doing are still putting nearby users of the adjacent roadways and pavements in serious danger have so far done zero to remove the dangers detailed on this blog - HERE - just a week or three ago. Lambeth Council were due to report back to local MP KATE HOEY by 25 November but as of yesterday had still failed to do so. The Council had made representations to TRANSPORT FOR LONDON and HOEY was given to understand that TFL on 11 November had already started drafting a response but so far nothing at all has materialised. HOEY is not alone in having raised the concerns, so too has ISHBEL BROWN the local LIB DEM Lambeth Vauxhall Councillor. She too is being kept in the dark so to speak but is continuing to pursue the matter. The VAUXHALL SOCIETY publicised concerns - HERE - about the highlighted DANGERS.

ST GEORGE PLC and the BERKELEY GROUP are hoping to turn NINE ELMS into an upmarket Knightsbridge Chelsea scene - see HERE. They certainly would never have got away with endangering the nearby road users and pedestrians in the manner they have at NINE ELMS had THE TOWER been under construction in Brompton Road or Sloan Street, Knightsbridge.

Local Lambeth's Senior Police Commander has been informed about the problem - which police ought to have sussed themselves from their patrols but hadn't of course - but so far no response of any obvious value whatever has been forthcoming.


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