Thursday, 11 August 2011


For other photo's re the above recent Stockwell murder click HERE.

To listen to DARCUS HOWE currently mouthing off (click HERE for link) about "police searches" on young black youths you cannot but wonder where on earth his brain cells have evaporated to. Maybe the Carribean? No reference from him to the following. In the past year or so across London and certainly including STOCKWELL there have been many very very grave and varied criminal offences commited by and against young blacks. That is why OPERATION TRIDENT was implemented. The media have been absolutely chocka with accounts. It is hardly surprising that police have had to up their profile and make more searches. That does not remotely mean that police ought not to be damned well accountable for what they do - they absolutely ought to be. But HOWE is not fit for purpose on this gravely serious matter. In the current televised news interview with him he makes that absolutely clear.


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