Monday, 1 August 2011


Not so long ago - indeed in early May STOCKWELL LABOUR PARTY HQ had been fantastically landscaped - click on this > hyperlink > to see what a credit it then was to the Stockwell Community. No wonder (so-called) Councillor Alex Bigham is currently in the South London Press as supporting the need for renovation work 0n the Stockwell War Memorial - to see his SLP mugshot etc click > here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anyway since May the Labour HQ has been tidied up a trifle and "dumped-on" rock hard. It is quite likely that Councillor The Baroness Imogen Walker of > PRIVATE EYE < fame and Larkhall Park Walled-in Community lugged that majestic blob of ultra attractive concrete all the way up JEFFREY's ROAD single handed - so come on a round of resounding indeed deafening applause for her! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And now an apology - no news at all to offer re so-called Councillor Peter Bowyer - no doubt "Middlesboro Pete" like his favourite football team is still playing away. After Bigham had his SLP pic' taken at the STOCKWELL WAR MEMORIAL it is hoped that unlike so many others over the past 23 years years he did not relieve himself in the nearby bushes due to no central Stockwell local public toilet provision. Oh perish the thought. And anyway Naomi Klein style this vanilla blog is a hundred percent non-political so nobody better get any funny ideas.


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