Friday, 22 April 2011


Something's in the air. Woweee our Yasmin Halibut really is vocabularising - woops what I actually mean is that she's "DISCOMBOBULATING". I'm not making this up. Oh no - click on this handy convenient < LINK > for partial tho' pertinent enlightenment. Has she become infatuated with someone? Are YASMIN and WILL doin' a secret spot of DISCOMBOBULATING high up on SELF's favourite London building? Oh the very thought of it. Outrageous! Where one set of concrete curves ends another set of a somewhat fleshy DISCOMBOBULATING texture begins. Mind you Deb Orr might start "DISCOMBOBULATING" too. Tho' that might do her journalism some good. There sure is room for popularist improvement. Yasmin might have whispered sweet discombobulations in his ear "Oh Will "discombobulate" me baby!" Or maybe it was the other way round. Would such a garage be able to take the strain? Communication equals discombobulation. No ifs No buts No sub editorial cuts. Just imagine our Yasmin Halibut Communicator laying on the roof groaning for it with a Discombobulating Dictionary under her buttocks! Blimey if its not < VENEREAL PRACTICES > in Binfield Road its nearby dictionarial DISCOMBOBULATING matings on curvy STOCKWELL BUS GARAGE ROOF.


At 11 May 2011 at 22:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuzz were up on the roof overnight lookin' fer 'em. No luck tho' so I'm told by my sauces sorry I mean sources. DISCOMBOBULATING up there wotever next. Where there's a WILL there's away I s'pose.


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