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It's not every day that the THOMAS PAINE SOCIETY gets "the hit" but it does happen. Sure did in March when the annual topic was gonna be "THOMAS PAINE AND THE ENGLISH RADICAL TRADITION". As you can see from the Eddie Coyle-like CCTV pic above the Society got well STUCK UP! And alas even ROBERT MITCHAM failed to show. If he had at least that woulda been a limited bonus against an ultra deficit. S'pose they coulda fingered an ESSEX BOYS "FACE" to put in an appearance - ah but maybe they're all brown bread or doin' porridge. Ah ha but wait there was - BIGish CHAD! - see below

Anyway looks like this COYLE style blag was covertly planned in ROEHAMPTON (!!) of all neighbourhoods! They sure can't pin this one on old GEORGE DAVIS. And anyway GD is wedded to a senior cops daughter these days. Not that he did not plan stick-ups while actually hob-nobbin' with cops in East End pubs back in the 'Seventies. But then again his 'Seventies buddy hoods are now mostly all "brown bread". Mind you "BIGish CHAD" (a toppish current TOM PAINE scene "hood') who did show is based in ESSEX, but he sure didn't let on as to whether he thought the ED' VAL' stick-up was a bit iffy.

'Course regarding this latest ED' COYLE style ED' VALLANCE BLAG blogspot an apology is due. That's because there is no full text available. ED' VALLANCE got quietly bumped off in the back of a motor after a football match shortly afterwards. That too was also an ultra slick op'.
The Funeral is being organised right now. It is greatly hoped that wearing Thatcherite armbands TONY HADLEY - HERE - will do a MONARCHICAL REPUBLICAN rendition of SPANDAU BALLET's "THROUGH THE MONARCHICAL REPUBLICAN BARRICADES".

Another ultra "solemn mortality" biggy will be a pretty secular vid' sequence. It will star "MONARCHICAL REPUBLICAN MAGGOTS" being used on PAINITES - HERE - to cure spots where cancerous resultant MONARCHICAL REPUBLICAN rot may well have already set in. According to press reports there was evidence found on Big Ed' Val that he was planning a 2nd raid. A scrunched up scrap of paper had scrawled upon it "ARTHUR THISTLEWOOD AND MONARCHICAL REPUBLICAN PICKLED CARROTS".

It is not confirmed yet whether "FEMALE EUNUCH" GERMAIN - HERE - will be able to show - she also went down like a bomb with a TOM PAINE SOCIETY "stick-up" a few years back.

Oh if only Tom Paine's rattling old bones could make the funeral they'd be be dead chuffed - of course absolutely no "monarchical" pun intended.


At 6 May 2011 at 14:57 , Anonymous TPRights of Man said...

Nice one ! Personally, I'm convinced that Ted Vallance (motto TP et Mon Rep) gave his speech to honour the Royal Wedding.

At 7 May 2011 at 00:15 , Blogger Ian Cameron aka KILROY WAS-A-HERO said...

Er I understand that blagger Vallance is a member of the Republic Org founded I do believe by Paul Pawlowski known a few decades ago as THE REVERANT FATHER FUCK a polyandry enthusiast. He didn't go down too well with some of the Conway Hall Mafia!!

At 7 May 2011 at 05:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you yourself ever thought of doing a talk on "MONARCHICAL REPUBLICAN PUBLIC TOILET NON-PROVISION IN 21st CENTURY SOUTH LONDON?" Might really appeal to local egghead turds who might otherwise lose out. I'm sure I don't need to remind you Kilroy but there really is still AN URGENT NEED.


At 8 May 2011 at 03:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch yourself Kilroy Ed's Roehampton muckers might turn supergrass or even worse! Any of those Thetford Compactors gone missing? I'll take a discrete nose round Roehampton and get back to you.


At 10 May 2011 at 02:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but just because someone - I mention no names here -gives an excruciatingly truly boring mind crushing lecture - you don't have to extract their urine with bloggish ranting stuff like this. I write this as a committed Christian Atheist with a lifelong belief in Freethought up to a point. If you believe in Freethought for Gods Sake say so eh Polly? Polly you awake?


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