Thursday, 2 February 2012


Bigham is dead centre just to the right of "rough sleeper Bowyer".
BIGHAM's got a local political blog. He's been doin' "STAND UP" unfunny thingys with it for a couple of years now. He's just dropped a locally produced 4 minute video onto his latest blogspot - HERE - and serves it up with the truly flat earth one-liner that "STOCKWELL IS THE BEST NEIGHBOURHOOD IN LONDON". Woweee....

There is brief footage in the vid' of Stockwell awash with Old Bill and I have heard separately that the locality is again about to be declared "an exclusion zone" - obviously to combat criminally inclined goings on. And there was a significant multiple Stockwell drugs bust a couple of days or so before Christmas. And the criminal prosecution of those accused of the STOCKWELL ROAD armed shop raid on earlier last year has just opened at the Old Bailey. And others have just been convicted of the drive-by machine gun murder at Central Stockwell just between the bus stops in front on RICHARDSON COURT on the Clapham Road late last May. Not to mention the well armed youngish drugs guy who got sent down last year who'd been holed up in Portand Grove. Ah the list goes on. Never mind Stockwell "is still the best neighbourhood in London" according to local Councillor "STAND UP artist" ALEX BIGHAM. 'Course Bigham knows every other neighbourhood across the whole of London - you can stake your life on it .... I think NOT! He should change his surname to FLANNEL.

If only the once famous Old Brixton Express Variety Theatre venue (behind Morley's) was still doin' its stuff BIGHAM could pop in there between nearby Lambeth Town Hall musings and do a "STAND UP" spot - folk would be jeering like crazy from up in the gods thats for sure.

The said video doesn't have any footage of Central Stockwell's non existant local public toilets - in a budget cutting exercise they got shutdown in Sept 1988 by Lambeth Labour Party and Bigham and his infamous co-councillors have done precisely nothing to re-provide them. Course the VIDEO could have shown footage of folk regularly piddling either up the alley immediately adjacent to BETTER BOOKIES or adjacent to the Stockwell War Memorial into the bushes but wasn't that adventurous. Suprise! Surprise! STOCKWELL's 3 local LABOUR PARTY COUNCILLORS - really are "STAND UP" comedians. In fact BIGHAM's blog bye-lined STAND UP - means that it is primarily not much better than a JOKE! Bet the new PORTUGUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE that Bigham plugs over and over to get votes - its at KENNINGTON - has got toilets. While central Stockwell can just get dumped on eh??


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