Sunday, 7 January 2007


Certain local worthies (politicians, political activists etc., especially ex Councillor Bottrall - see earlier posting - and Stockwell Partnership) who were on the receiving end of this surprise item of poetic publicity were "caught short". I gather that in the months following there was a "flurry of (council and other) emails". Within a month to two as a consequental reaction the ages old much used (and abused) access route onto and off my housing estate was shut down causing hardship for local people - for instance to the elderly and mothers with children - whose nearest most efficient route to the local bus stops was provided by this pathway. This closure hasn't caused much hardship to Clapham Road road drinkers and pedestrians needing to access the pathway entrance cul-de-sac area to relieve themselves . With no sign beyond Talk-A-Thon of a Stockwell Public Toilet in the offing this short cul-de-sac pathway ("DUNKERS ALLEY") remains the most popular place for the male "caught short" community. How on earth female victims survive remains a mystery.


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