Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Lambeth Council "Leader" (so called - see earlier posts) Steve Reed today broke his years long silence and actually got one of his "support staff" to comunicate with Kilroy's Keeper.

He'd been specifically asked to properly explain his proposed 2008 grudging improvement in public toilet provision - grudging because it was going to amount to "pissors" to accomodate pisshead males - (but not 24/7 - and we still await overall details) - but NOTHING AT ALL for women - see earlier posts.

Well here's what his communication actually had to say about Lambeth's plans for "pisshead" (or otherwise) females. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

This was the main question raised with Reed earlier this month and yet his support staff contrived to waffle away about "anti social boozy blokes" and NOT address the ladies needs at all. Not a dot or comma on this aspect from our so-called "Leader". Reed is chocca with anti social behaviour bluff and bluster - but is struck dumb about Lambeth Council anti social behaviour - it was the Council that closed all the public toilets - see numerous earlier posts. Of course this latest was no simple error of omission - it was DELlBERATE avoidance.

He hasn't been let off the hook - by return of post he's been requested to "apply himself" as opposed to play with himself. Herewith (above) "so-called" Leader Reed in his Christmas 2006 regalia.



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