Tuesday, 12 February 2008



Ah Room 8 will never be the same again - great crowds are flocking to the LAMBETH TOWN HALL "LAKE PISSOIRS EXHIBITION" but no matter we must move on in a backwards and forwards direction.

In KILROY's younger free festival RELEASE COLLECTIVE days when Lambeth generally (including Stockwell) was relatively awash with accessible free public conveniences there were squats (squats not doxy pee pees) in Piccadilly and hippies causing mayhem for the cops including poor ex S.A.S. loony Det Sergeant Harold Challenor. The dissatisfied Rolling Stones in Hyde Park had cut banned numbers like "STREET FIGHTING MAN" and how could anyone who lived through those public toilets blessed deeply troubled times not also remember OPERATION BEANFIELD when the forces of law order and civilisation as we knew it were called upon to route the hippie hordes - kid's n pets n all. How times have changed.

We've lurched from from OPERATION BEANFIELD to OPERATION BINFIELD. KILROY has heard of a blob of extremely dire news on the grapevine -but let it be said in advance that KILROY's heart goes out not only to LAMBETH'S "L" DIVISION and the COUNCILs "STREET CARE TEAM" but most especially (it being the Chinese "YEAR OF THE RAT") to Steve Reed otherwise fondly known (at least on this BLOG) as GRIMEBALL. Well here's the dire news - which'd obviously put a drain on L DIVISION resources.

"A while back my husband was coming back on the tube from an evening out and desperate for the loo, so he nipped into Binfield Road and discreetly had a pee in a drain. Mr Plod came along and made as if to arrest him but Husband managed to persuade him politely he should perhaps focus on crack dealers etc rather than law-abiding but slightly drunk people who are not causing any trouble and indeed rather neatly peeing down the drain".

Fancy abusing a drain like that! KILROY isn't 100% convinced and is investigating to find out if this is a carefully calculated planted item of anti-police anti-Council disinformation. Very funny things do happen. Back in November a Desert Island Discs guest chose as record No. 4 the Stones "STREET FIGHTNG MAN". Normally rock on, on prob... but the guest was the potential "drain abuser" ex-head of Vauxhall Cross Extremely Open Plan MI5 Urinals UK. Take a bow Dame Eliza Manningham Buller.


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