Friday, 4 April 2008


Davis freed with 17 years still to do (!) altho' NOT (!) declared innocent - YOU couldn't make it up altho' they can.
------------------------------- Headingly in the news

--------------------------the Ley Street April 4th blaggers


Forget blogging think blagging and Bliar. Think Payrolls and many thousands of innocent folks' lives done for in far away places.

‘Tis 4th April again. How the years roll by. A call from a solicitor yesterday harking back to the same date 34 years ago. A London news item that day concerned the 1974 Ley Street Ilford LEB Payroll Robbery. The LEB was staked-out by the fuzz who fotographed the blaggers and gave chase. There were shoot outs, a whole string of vehicle changes, blood stains hither and thither, a long chase and the blaggers all got away.

The London evening editions were full of it. Eventually East Ender George Davis got nabbed, along with other associates, was placed on a multitude of I D parades, was only picked-out by the fuzz, charged and convicted. Early in 1975 he got 20 years. He lost his Appeal – “no way” said the old judges. Lo and behold just six months after this knock-back guess what? He was suddenly released from nick by exercise of the Royal Prerogative of Mercy altho’ the Home Secretary said “look me old china you aint being declared innocent we just DON'T think the evidence against you was safe”!! You couldn’t make Roy Jenkins up.

Mind you there had been quite an amazing GEORGE DAVIS IS INNOCENT OK! campaign to free him - see here. The England v Oz Headingly Test Cricket wicket got sabotaged – as George Davis’s sabateour brother-in-law Colin Dean (who just recently died) almost said “bleedin’ 'ell fancy interfering with a game of cricket just 'cos someone has been fitted-up for 20 years”. A kindly inclined "Sports Correspondent" on The Times reckoned the sabateours should be rounded-up and have cricket balls pelted at them. Get him.

Anyone still remember "THE BIG CONVERSATION" dreamt up by the Newt Labour spinocracy to kid the million plus who marched to stop Bliar going to his criminal war (who were ignored) that his lot were listening. According to Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on THOUGHT FOR THE DAY today Tony Bliar "is a deeply religious man"blah blah blah - see here. If Bliar ends up in stir (BLAIRMARSH) it'll not be likely that very many folk will be too bothered about freeing him - indeed there will be countrywide street parties. If Thatcher dropped dead on the same day and Stockwell got a public toilet my old heart wouldn't be able to take all the excitement.


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