Monday, 30 March 2009


Of course compared to the pornography that BLAIR and his NEWT LABOURITES visited upon IRAK and AGHANISTAN these cheapo flicks are truly pathetic - barely worth the tenner billed against public funds by JACKIE for her husband's delights. The selective DOWNING STREET SOFA SEX is poor quality and a lot more flesh creeping filth is yet to come out. ALASTAIR goes in quite a lot for verbal four letter masterbatory gratification. The ultimate DAVID KELLY "SCENARIO" has very obvious "S'n'M" overtony's (altho' unexpectedly expletives have actually been deleted). SILVIO has always been one for the LADIES so few monetary surprises there. The consequential TESSA 'n' JACKIE get together (and who can blame them?) are very randy indeed. There are NO far east market place suicide bomb attack sequences or Pakistan to Guantanamo sexy secret renditions - well not yet anyhow. Clearly NEWT LABOUR porn is not as up front as it so obviously could be. Both these "SHOCK AND AWE" poorly planned and produced somewhat out of focus porno flics end with IRAK and AFGHANISTAN sequences which never the less are TRULY PORNOGRAPHIC.


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