Saturday, 21 March 2009


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Cool man. 80 plod actually including the new Met Commissioner make an absolutely total balls-up Op' and the Met' s "MR BIG" shrugs it off with "that's policing for you" -"its been a very successful policing occasion". Sure has. And with very apparent gigantic knobs on too.
Unlike the over-the-top July 2005 totally crap Op' that did for poor JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES at least with the above current anti burglary Op' with MR BIG actually in-situ he couldn't slip-off home to bed early, before anyone unconveniently told him that the quarry they were all after had already been nabbed and banged up some 5 hours earlier.
Maybe there's still a possibility of another Tulse Hill dawn raid to nab Menezes even though he has already well and truly gone to ground. The shrug-it-off line (if such a cop-out cop op' occured) might be: "Ah well that's policing for you". You couldn't make it up. Well not unless you're a Met. Commissioner of course. Give him a cop-out Bankers bonus - like them he's earnt it.


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