Monday, 23 February 2009


--------------------LAW 'N' ORDER - GLAMOUR VERSUS GROT
Just look at it. What a glamourous LAW 'N' ORDER world we’re livin’ in. Oh deary me. Clock the above four lovelies. Woweee … Episode One tonight on the old oggle goggle be-foddle box right before your very eyes. Will it feature Westminster Council minions in close cohorts with the local fuzz working their very own brand of absolutely ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR namely a blatant DEAN STREET SOHO fit-up? Probably not.
So what you won’t see is an extended gang of fuzz descending on two Dean Street flats where two women of the so-called oldest profession quietly go about their mission. The cops have got a large box of filthy ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR TRICKS up their sleeve. They’re tricks that don’t just happen as though by magic – they have had to be cold bloodedly conjured up. Cops have had to work at it to devise their own lieing devious filthy ANTI SOCIAL plan. “We gotta do the buisines boyos” is their mind-set “its two ladies of the so called oldest prefession we’re up against”.
So team handed they descend on the DEAN STREET SOHO habitation. 15 bold neatly presentable uniformed West End wooden tops – some of their entrails had to form a scrum in the street ‘cos they couldn’t all get up the stairs. They looked good in media shots >here< of the successful cop op’ to close down a 16 year’ long ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR hotspot. No matter eh that the latter verbal they are putting out about a den of iniquity where felons do their biz’ and where drug dealing is rife is all downright despicable lies. After all its only women engaged in the the so-called oldest profession getting done over – as old HAROLD CHALLENOR the mid Sixities totally corrupt and bonkers West End Det. Sgt. used to suss it “these kind of (expletive deleted) people don’t matter”. Indeed CHALLENOR later absolutely astonishingly (!!) wrote in his 1990’s memoir that he told one or two felons in the cells after sentence that if they ever dared to return to his neck of the woods he kill them and then invistigate and fit-up their mates for his own killings.
LAW 'N' ORDER GLAMOUR versus GROT. Challenor grot is still alive and well on London’s West End policing Division. Mid 1960’s Challenor came a tumble because of Donald Rooum and the 21st Century Dean Street anti social police op' filth because of the Rev David Gilmore>here<. What of those others moved against who’ve had no David Gilmore? Now there’s a thought. But LAW 'N' ORDER glamour on the box? Don't think I'll bother - real life is quite enough thank you.


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