Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Excuse the intrusion earthlings - this lovely new block of flats - woops sorry "apartments" was built on a decades long car park and low garage area on the Hyde South Bank Homes "Studey Estate". Clock the flags n all that - luvly innit??? They're nearly all taken. Folk who take up residence will be ever so well situated to overlook the adjacent Allen Edwards Primary School and playground. Mind you other nearby folk have been overlooking the playground for half a century plus - straight across the Studley Road tenants on 3 floors have a clear view of the school, its playground and indeed also the OASIS GARDEN. In fifty years plus there aint never been no complaints about that so far as STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH is aware.
So what is the surprising FLATS OVERLOOKING LOCAL SCHOOLS beef actually about? For a start its not about the above luvly flag-poled Studley Road apartment block or Allen Edwards Primary School. Oh no. Its about other planned Stockwell flats >here< from which it will be possible for the new inhabitants to overlook a nearby school playground! Oh glory be what exactly is the fuss about?
Maybe STOCKWELL LABOUR PARTY's local blogger who has configured the oddball concerns will clarify. Or maybe even local STOCKWELL WARD COUNCILLOR - and HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES "Board" member Pete Bowyer - well known to this blog by the nick-name "MIDDLESBORO ARE PLAYING AWAY" will clairify their "local flats overlooking local school playgrounds" phobia. Middlesboro Pete would be just the wizard to perform the chore especially given that the new STUDLEY ROAD apartment that went up got its flagpoles without a single murmer of any kind that this apartment block has been mis-sited.
Ye STANDUPFORSTOCKWELL blog also expresses concern that flats might overlook local houses. The mist thickens. Glory be. Whatever is afoot!.

Will there ever be clarification? Will there ever be proper central Stockwell Public Toilets? Don't hold your breath!


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