Thursday, 15 January 2009


Er... can't say too much at the moment, commercial secrets are very much at the heart of things but somebody with an alleged spook background and far far away connections has made a bid for STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH. There is a LOT of money involved. If STW changes hands it could therefore result in a single 24/7 automated toilet being located on the central Stockwell clock tower island. And if ultra smart business man Peter de la Mandelson closes STOCKWELL POST OFFICE that could become a CTS karsey. And if he additionaly de-commissions all except one of the local SW4 post boxes there could "pissoirs" galore conversions.
So things are looking up after 20 plus years of abject local toilets neglect. A lot of this innovative entrepreneurial leap-frogging has to be credited to ONIONBAGBLOG's masturbating on about blogging being a symptom that an area is on the up'n'up. I am - confession time - all of a twitter.
Can't name the guy in pic - commercial secret. It could be that by 2015 STOCKWELL will have its first runway - not that outlandish a speculation as the same was mooted some years ago when totally barmy STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP had a plan to turn Binfield Road into STOCKWELL VILLIAGE SQUARE. Ah poor old George he meant well - altho certain Portugese Forum elements have voiced grave doubts.
If STW does get its maulers on all this dosh it will make a small unobtrusive donation to both MIDDLESBORO FOOTBALL TEAM and STAND-UPFORSTOCKWELL blog.
Must chill-out - all this money its like a drug.


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