Saturday, 3 January 2009


Alex Bigham of STANDUPFORSTOCKWELL Blog (see previous post immediately below and foto immediately above) has highlighted an uncapped hole in the pavement of STOCKWELL PARK CRESENT and has drawn attention to the dangers that could arise therefrom. His blogspot has had a visitiation from LAMBETH COUNCIL "LEADER" (so-called) Steve Peed (also known to this blog as GRIMEBALL REED >here<) who has commented that such uncoverings are an urgent and worrying problem).

One wonders if the de-cappings and lid removals are the result of locals "caught short" looking for somewhere to urgently off load their you can guess what. Without any comment Steve Peed has by-passed Alex Bigham's 2 same day posts about the dire state of, and urgent need to improve, public toilet provision in central Stockwell. Well he would do wouldn't he!! So no change there then. "Bog - off" on that one seems to be his unwritten response.

Of course en route to Stockwell Park Cresent from central Stockwell at this historical juncture one discovers the above photographed lovely blue loo portacabin located in a St Michaels Road front garden.
Just a few minutes further on having avoided dropping into Alex's Stockwell Park Cresent pot-hole one nearly comes a bicycle tumble because of sizeable dangerous holes in the Robsart Street road surface tarmac and espies (top photograph above) Robsart Street's public conveniences. All shut down and closed 24/7 through 365 days a year of course. So maybe Lambeth folk ARE using holes in the local pavements and roads (and front gardens!!) to relieve themselves. Oh not Steve Peed of course he would never do that!! I reckon he's a MIDDLESBORO are PLAYING AWAY SUPPORTER - in fact I am sure he is.
So to summarise for clarity's sake - on 1st January 3 blogspots posted on STANDFUPFORSTOCKWELL - 2 on the 20 years long utterly deficient state of public toilets in central Stockwell and a 3rd post about a lid missing off a pavement pothole. LAMBETH COUNCIL "LEADER" (so called) Steve Peed posts a "COMMENT" re the pot hole but remains lock-jawed about STOCKWELL'S non existant public loos.


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