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Below is an excerpt from a very good journalistic critique of the police accounts re the MENEZES EXECUTION fiasco. It is very important. It particularises the decision of MENEZES on the morning of his murderous execution to re-board the bus at Brixton Station to travel on to STOCKWELL because Brixton Underground Station was closed. This blog has previously posted concerns about this aspect of the MENEZES fiasco because to date there had - amazingly - been no proper account of what was going on at Brixton Station that morning - no proper account of why the station had been closed and for how long etc., with the obvious implication that maybe MENEZES behaviour in re boarding the bus was NOT suspicious and maybe that in addition the police very well knew it wasn't despite their claims EVER SINCE that IT WAS so as to underwrite their decision to blast him to pieces.
Well below is the first fuller published account of what the BRIXTON STATION closure had been about - as blogged before the IPCC negligently >here<>failed to investigate this matter - at which latter news local MP Kate Hoey expressed her great "surprise". Here is the latest account - and the link for it is >here< color="#ffffff">-----

The second bus trip
Mr de Menezes got on a No. 2 bus at 9.39am,
followed by one of the surveillance officers, then got off the bus at Brixton ten minutes later, made a phone call and reboarded the same bus.
Chief Inspector Vince Esposito, an intelligence
officer in the police control room, told the inquest Mr de Menezes's decision to
get back on the same bus had helped seal his fate.
"That was what we would consider to be typical anti-surveillance operations," he said. "If somebody behaves like that, especially at that time, I started to form the opinion, from what was coming over the radio, that this was
our subject Nettle Tip... it just seemed to me strange. Why would a person get off the bus and then wait and then get back on the bus?"
In fact, there was a perfectly simple explanation
- Mr de Menezes had got off at Brixton intending to take the Tube to work from there, but the Tube station was closed because of the previous day's attempted bombings, which the police must have known. Mr de Menezes's phone call was to a work colleague to say he was going to be late.


"which the police must have known" eh!!


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