Sunday, 7 December 2008


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This blog has been bleating on until it is (as it were) blue in the face that it is no joke getting "CAUGHT SHORT" in CENTRAL STOCKWELL because there are no public toilets. The current situation is that for the forseeable future there is going to be NO CHANGE.
LAMBETH COUNCIL's recent announcements about it's up-coming COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME (CTS) will not (as previously posted >here<) provide any public toilet provision to cover the CENTRAL STOCKWELL area - nor indeed the CLAPHAM ROAD so far as - and beyond - CLAPHAM NORTH UNDERGROUND STATION. This despite the fact that teeming numbers of commuters use both STOCKWELL and CLAPHAM NORTH STATIONS.
have not communicated any information on what the local CENTRAL STOCKWELL future prospects are. Indeed 2 of them BOWYER and WALKER have never ever communicated any feedback re this problem so far as this blog is aware.
All 3 Ward Councillors did NOT attend the COUNCIL CABINET meeting that discussed public toilet provision last January. The situation is slightly less straight-forward re Councillor PAV AKHTAR.
As blogged last May >here< Kilroy's STUDLEY ESTATE address was visited by AKHTAR who pressed him to vote for LIVINGSTONE in the then LONDON MAYORAL ELECTION. This on-the-knocker (so to speak) visit came as a curious shock because LAMBETH COUNCIL had earlier tried to shut down this blog >here<. Anyway AKHTAR sure got button-holed about STOCKWELL public toilet provision - the only time he has ever communicated with KILROY - he has since ignored ALL other initiatives made in his direction.
In May AKHTAR had stated that 2 CENTRAL STOCKWELL businesses/venues were being consulted with a view to their CTS participation - neither of these businesses (which had included THE SWAN) figure among those that are now announced as agreed CTS participants. Of course it would be naive in the extreme to expect AKHTAR or either of his two above mentioned STOCKWELL WARD cronies to communicate any explanation for the above failures.
What the reproduced GRANTHAM ROAD HEALTH CENTRE "CAUGHT SHORT" advice brochure testifies to - perish the thought that having to do so in this day and age should even be necessary - is that the need for public toilet provision is URGENT.
Go to PARIS and along all the main drags there are very very many free automated 24/7 public toilets. Heaven forbid that blighty should ever get THAT basic. Whatever next!


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