Wednesday, 3 December 2008


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The above LAMBETH COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME (CTS) report was published on Tuesday DEC 2nd. It basically repeats the details already blogged by STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH on Sunday (>here<). The South London Press report fails to high-light serious shortcomings with the listed STOCKWELL CTS provisions. There will in effect continue to be NO provision at CENTRAL STOCKWELL or in the area southwards extending in fact to pretty well mid-way up CLAPHAM HIGH STREET. In other words no provision whatever from STOCKWELL to CLAPHAM NORTH, no provision at CLAPHAM NORTH - an electronic pop-up pissoir half way up the HIGH STREET will be up for just a few hours late at night only at weekends and provision more generally at the nearby REVOLUTION BAR. As pointedly tagged on the STOCKWELL NEWS blog (>here<) "STOCKWELL DOWN THE TOILET". Anyone caught-short on the CLAPHAM ROAD will continue to have no where to turn to. STOCKWELL LABOUR PARTY "STAND -UP FOR STOCKWELL" blog have yet to even report on local public toilet provision - maybe the "stand-up" they have in might is in your face very un-funny comedy.


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