Sunday, 9 November 2008


------If you're not "caught short" CLICK on image to enjoy SCENIC SAINSBURY's.
If you ARE caught short and female you are well and truly lumbered because SAINSBURY'S NINE ELMS although with pretty extensive floor space and shopping areas is almost a write-off so far as women's toilet provision is concerned - just one WC cubicle.
Sunday is a very busy day and women are having to queue for very long periods -today a store Manager was summoned because of the extreme distress this lack of women's toilet provision was causing. In addition to just one single toilet cubicle the store's DISABLED TOILET was also NOT functioning - that provision has been barred now for at least a week - imagine SAINSBURY's leaving one of its shopping isles "off limits" for such a period - pretty unlikely - they'd sort it.
So over to JOHN CADLE the store manager in question - ah well (using Mr Cadle's own terminology) its all down to the "local riff raff" - especially on Sunday's - apparently there is a better class of Sainsbury clientele on other days. Of course this doesn't quite explain the week long DISABLED TOILET cop out. Apparently in its origins that was also a Riff Raff kick-back.
Of course (unmentioned by Mr Cadle) of a Sunday the store doesn't actually open until mid-day so until noon there aren't any "RIFF RAFF" vandals "on scene" at Sainsbury's.
This BLOG over and over has stressed that pro-rata women need MORE public toilet provision than men - altho' there appear to be deaf ears a-plenty which totally fail to take on board this urgent need. Sainsbury's quite apart from its abysmal RIFF RAFF "excuses" is a DEAF EAR STORE too.


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