Saturday, 18 October 2008


----------- Click on IMAGE to ENLARGE text and MUG SHOT

The above is an item of early KILROY "STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH" ephemera. It alludes indirectly to cops having a propensity for getting "caught short". We are advised that even if that happens not to worry as our droppings will get sorted and even if one get's shot by the Old Bill they'll handle the media and we won't even know it happened. Behind these pointed advices lay the MENEZES EXECUTION helped along by surveillance officers among whom one (named Frank) when he should have been watching the plot was widely reported soon after Menezes death to have been taking a leak behind a TREE.

With the MENEZES INQUEST now at full tilt the story has been cleaned-up. FRANK is now said to have been relieving himself into a plastic bottle (>>see<<). Phew that's a relief - if only he'd had a photo of Osman too it might have saved MENEZES' life. I know that that is asking for rather a lot. Tomorrow an IPCC participant also "caught short".


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