Wednesday, 1 October 2008


So far as Public Toilet provision is concerned, given Lambeth Council's current form there's no END OF THE CLAPHAM (and STOCKWELL) AFFAIR. This affair can't be laid at the door of old Graham Green, no siree! What we have is a well 'n' truly endlessly up shits creek Lambeth Boro' Council "Affair".

For a few hours a week (only late on Friday and Saturday nights) Clapham High Street is going to be blessed at St Lukes Avenue with an electronic (men only) pop-up "pissoir" - Lambeth out-of-date-and-behind-the-times Council relatively recently mis-dubbed their pissoirs as "Space Age" (>>>see<<<). According to the South London Press (15 August - >>>see<<<) this St Luke's pissoir installation work is going on a pace. But is it? Even if it does get completed it is an absolutely minimal provision.

In ascending order the above pic's suggest it's barely going on even at a snails pace. No work has gone on during the current week so far - there is just a hole (already dug) and barricaded off with >>> "street clutter" <<< . Not a pretty site and not a single worker in sight. A REVOLUTION it is NOT. (Clock the current raised "CLENCHED FISTS" front cover edition of LAMBETH Life - what utter bollocks from a truly motley Blairite crew. I wouldn't be that surprised if Lambeth Council so-called Leader and journo Steve Peed Reed doesn't produce a crap LAMBETH Life column to proclaim that the closure of Stockwell Toilets for 20 years has reduced Stockwell Toilets knife crime 100%!!

There's always the old fine Public Toilet at the Clapham Common "The Plough" intersection just 4 minutes walk from the St Lukes intersection. Kilroy remembers it well from his youth. Unfortunately (see above pic) its 24/7 locked barred and bolted.

Ah never mind there's still the pretty Public Toilet 4 more minutes walk away at Graham Green's Clapham Old Town. It's very pretty with a RED ROSE garden (see above pic) which must signify that it's another Newt Labour blessing. And it sure is 'cos its also 24/7 barred bolted and padlocked (see above pics).

Never mind there's always Sainsbury's during normal hours. Woops wrong there too! All this week so far its been un-useable (see above taped up pic).

Apologies for no picture of the very adequate Clapham North men's urinal which stood for decades at the Clapham High Street - Voltaire Road intersection - it got raised to the ground by guess who? Lambeth Council.


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