Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Pretty straight-forward really. Only wish public toilet reinstatement and renewal was similarly simple and straightforward. No chance. It's a year down the swanee since the South London Press ran its (5 Oct 2007) 2 pager "STILL NO MOVEMENT TO IMPROVE TOILETS" fingering Lambeth Council for having done nothing for nearly 3 years (even by then) despite being requested over and over to take action. The portico of Brixton Town Centre St Matthews Church had become the local overnight clubland bog. Sunday morning worshippers had to clean it all up before prayers!! And in reality how much has been achieved so far since October 2007? In central Stockwell absolutely zilch, nothing, and so far as Kilroy is aware ditto Central Brixton. Indeed last week the Ritzy Cinema which had shown a reasonable attitude to folk "caught short" imposed a lock down. LAMBETH COUNCIL - a truly crap outfit. It can't even keep central Stockwell's pavements clean.


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