Saturday, 25 October 2008


Below are the opening 3 paragraphs from todays’s Guardian report by Sandra Laville and Vikram Dodd (>>see<<) mis-describing the non-appearence yesterday at the MENEZES INQUEST of the code named firearms officer "CHARLIE 12" who actually shot Menezes to pieces.

“For members of the public he was merely a voice, hidden behind 10-foot screens to protect his anonymity, and known only as Charlie 12. At 1.46pm, two hours into his evidence, he suddenly became human.

Much has been written about what happened inside tube carriage 53613, where Jean Charles de Menezes lost his life in a confluence of circumstances on which an inquest jury will have to pass judgment. Yet until now nothing has been heard from the man who pulled the trigger at point blank range, firing at least three times into the head of de Menezes, who he assumed was a suspected suicide bomber.

In a conference room at Oval cricket ground yesterday, the firearms officer, who has served 25 years in the police, faced the dead man's mother and brother to explain his role in the tragedy….”

Er… correction …the officer (hidden behind screens) very obviously did NOT in fact "FACE the mother and brother of MENEZES".


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