Thursday, 23 October 2008


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For the moment forget Hello Hello hello - from Drastic to Plastic (>>see<<). Anyone ever clocked a cop surveillance vehicle up a tree? Seems it may not be impossible. Take the July 2005 police execution of Menezes. How could it be that in the aftermath of that total police balls-up media reports a-plenty separately reported that one of the cops on surveillance duty outside Menezes home was taking a pee “behind a tree” when Menezes emerged, and so matters had not been handled as they ought to have been. We know from detailed evidence currently being given at the MENEZES INQUEST – indeed being given by the peeing cop himself - that he WAS occupied with relieving himself at the crucial moment. So if he really was taking a pee those early media reports were based on substance of some sort and presmumably it wasn’t the tree that was leaking the media beans back in July/August 2005. It is very unlikely that they were underhand left wing conspiratorial leakings so upsetting to Nick Cohen. Not very professional old chap peeing behind a tree on a life ‘n’ death op! Better clean our image up.

So how did that tree ever get into the media in the first place? Was the surveillance van up the said tree? “Frank” the surveillance cop concerned has said at the INQUEST that he had one hand free to grab his radio and pass on some info’ about Menezes. He doesn’t mention a tree at all but a vehicle. His other hand is either holding a plastic bottle to catch his liquid wisdom or holding his plonker to guide it’s aim. Would be a very clever mauler to achieve both ends simultaneously. 'Course if it WAS a tree pee he could've had both hands in his pockets. Either way we haven’t heard the whole story – woops I mean “stories”. If only tree’s could talk – what tales they might tell. I saw an afternoon couple having full intercourse only last week against one in Rome’s beautiful VILLA GLORI. They walked straight past me and just got on with it about 50 yards away. I don’t think they were undercover cops. On 2nd thoughts!!



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