Wednesday, 22 October 2008


The TODAY PROGRAMME featured the very serious problem of inadequate public toilet provision stressing the concerns of AGE CONCERN and additionally the need for greater provision for women who are in fact pro rata less well catered for than men. John Humphries characteritsd the problem as "A SCANDAL". STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH made the following brief statement to the programme.

"Here at STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH we were very glad that the TODAY programme featured the lack of public toilet provision and cited the VERY SERIOUS concerns - as we have repeatedly on our BLOG - of AGE CONCERN. Similarly we have highlighted to seemingly deaf ears the plight of women - that was stressed a year or two ago in the LONDON GLA "AN URGENT NEED REPORT". LAMBETH are installing one or two late night "pissoirs" which will actually function relatively rarely and not cater for women - and won't be local to central Stockwell - where there has been no provision since our decades old toilets were closed by the Council 20 years ago. A Community Toilet Scheme is supposed to be on the way - it is making very slow progress indeed with barely any feed back. We very much hope that Parliament will eventually make it obligatory for local authorities to ensure adequate public toilet provision. It is an absolute disgrace in the year 2008 that public toilets are not being provided".

The TODAY PROGRAMME provided a website link (>>see<<) for a public toilet locations in the UK and in other regions - surprise surprise NO LOCATIONS TO DATE for LAMBETH.


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