Saturday, 15 November 2008


-----CLICK on IMAGE to for DAVID KELLY's ghost and covert WMD piccy.
Beam me up scottie - fantastic! David Kelly eat your heart out. Brixton town centre 24/7 clubbers your "caught short" toilet hassles are over. People have started queuing along the embankment already. In the end it must have been on the cards that "LAMBETH Life" would come up with the goods. Lambeth Council Leader "Steve Peed" must have worked damned hard to land this LL pop-up-mackerel. Maybe they swapped vanloads of "F" words. Of course this foul-mouthed war-lord-Mackerel has been configured on this blog before (>here<). The good folk of Brixton musta been really busting a gut for this news - it's a bit like an approaching wintertime LAMBETH LIfe Glastonbury. All we need now is Paul Boateng's missus to "take control" and make sure everyone gets their mental health three pence worth.
"ALL IN THE WMD" - what an amazingly original tag line too. Seriously tho' it is a really big mental health problem when you wanna make war and a million or four folk are dead set against it and you have to find truly devious means to get the roadshow on board. It really is a mental health problem. Maybe its best dealt with at a venue in the Hague. Thank you thank you thank you Steve Peed. This blog has equated Peed with an electronic pop-up pissoir. How wrong we were. Christmas has sure come early this year - perhaps not in certain far away places but here in Lambeth oh yes!! Maybe sweet ef'fin n blindin Alastair will also share his wisdom on the mysterious COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME? No perhaps not - a bit too fly-by-night even for him.
Wonder who Campbell's "LAMBETH Life" interviewer was - don't think it was DUBYA. A secretive sort anyway. Don't think it was Kate Hoey. The funny thing about the LL blurb is that Alastair reckons he was sane again during his Downing Street days. Beat that for bare faced stand-up. The reference to Jeffrey Archer also had a stand-up quality about it.


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