Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Lambeth Council top brass are deeply concerned about the inappropriate useage of raw streetwise language hence the allegations that they are levelling against KILROY.

Out of sober brow-beaten respect for their "ALLEGED" injured feelings KILROY will not now be carrying a lengthy planned toilet-chain review of TONY BLAIR's kooky pal ALISTAIR CAMPBELL's recent insider account of gutter life as close as it gets to the to the action in preparation for dealing with Dr David Kelly, Andrew Gilligan and waging an illegal "dodgey dossier" criminal war against IRAK.

The reason for this act of STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH self-censorship is that CAMPBELL'S BOOK ..... The Blair Years by Alastair Campbell Special Reports Guardian ...
Buy The Blair Years at the Guardian bookshop ... is absolutely chocca blokka with eff words and other choice earth-hewn expressions.

"May 1997. Felt a sense of post-natal depression. I've waited so long for this moment that finally becoming prime minister is almost an anti-climax. TB put his head round the door to remind me that he was in charge. "Just put the fucking coffee on," I sighed. Phone call from Princess Diana to tell me how much more she fancies me than TB. "He's such a wimp," she purred, "but you are all man." "Tell me something I don't know, darling," I replied. Fiona looked well pissed off, but who the fuck cares what she thinks? ............There are many people in Campbell’s diaries who make him want to vomit.... Roy Hattersley is “a fat pompous bugger”. Bernard Ingham is “a silly old fucker”. Matthew Parris is “a little shit”. Martin Sixsmith is “a twat”. Simon Jenkins is “a total wanker”. And as for Clare Short, singled out for serial abuse throughout Campbell’s diaries, she is “the most self-indulgent and attention-seeking of all the Shadow Cabinet … God, does she turn my stomach.”

As you can see it just wouldn't be fair to Lambeth Council to fully review this foul mouthed LABOUR tome. After all LAMBETH COUNCIL is about to introduce a pop-up "pissior" system that was introduced but a mere 5 years ago in Westminster - hence "LAMBETH LIFE's" sweet natured front page invitation to its readers to "take a fresh look". Fresh indeed. Hmmmmm .... aaahhhh .... perfume me up scottie.


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