Saturday, 19 January 2008


It appeared on KILROY's horizons on Friday (11 January) in the foreground of JACK'S SUPERMARKET on the Binfield Road pavement by Stockwell Station. It's light blue, accessible, with toilet paper and is open 24/7. The entrance opens outwards. An "inward" door opening portaloo would be an extremely tricky "customer". Lambeth Council loves to refer to toileteers as "customers". After 2 negligent decades is this noble loo a LAMBETH COUNCIL jesture to re-provide some kind of toilet facility to the "caught short" community? Enquiries are onging.

Actress COUNCILLOR IMOGEN WALKER was at the nearby STOCKWELL RESOURCE AND COMMUNITY CENTRE on this merry merry morn' and to her immense jolity KILROY mentioned to her the mystery item, counselled her to take a peep (not a PEE a PEEP) not least because the beasty is DANGEROUSLY sited. It is so close to the kerb line which abuts a cycle lane that users (apologies "customers") enter the loo from the cycle lane. And when duly relieved they have to exit from it blindly of course straight back into the cyle lane. There is also the trip-over kerb itself that could additionally send "customers" flying. We won't worry about cyclists getting broadsided - that would be too unsporting.

Anyway wowwee a mystery blue portaloo at STOCKWELL. Is it a Council inspired spot of relief after all these neglectful years? Even tho' it needs re-siting a little KILROY is VERY GLAD to see the portaloo - as he stressed to ACTRESS IMOGEN. Even if it is NOT a Council inpired effort which KILROY would like to bet against the odds in favour of it being, it points up the fact that if it is there for local workmen there's a need for a local public toilet facility.

Oh are you going to Brixton market, Popes Road? Take your readies cos Lambeth Council are about put the free public toilet onto a "business" footing so that "CUSTOMERS" have to shell out. Lambeth is skint!!

Meanwhile no money worries for the Council propaganda rag "LAMBETH LIFE" (see earlier postings) which has now gone fortnightly instead of monthly, still 16 pages every edition, blah blah blah "delivered free to 136,000 homes" ("homes" not "customers") each edition plus other distribution outlets? And the extra costs involved? KILROY has requested Middlesboro Are Playing Away STOCKWELL COUNCILLOR PETE BOWYER for the additional costings details - so far he has not even acknowleged the request.


At 22 January 2008 at 00:32 , Anonymous Arnie said...

Is it you the South London Press was going on about with abusive emails to the council?

At 24 January 2008 at 12:57 , Anonymous Kate said...

abusive letters my arse.. they want to see the matter go away quietly as with most complaints and this complainer won't.. keep it up!


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