Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Kilroy's had a LAMBETH COUNCIL legal department letter. It threatens sanctions 'cos they've got upset about STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH casting aspertions on the Council's transparently NAFF efforts for years-on-end-in-continuum to do SOD ALL to re-provide the public toilets its own ANTI SOCIAL COUNCILLORS shut down and demolished over the past two deacades. These were at STOCKWELL, VAUXHALL, CLAPHAM NORTH and CLAPHAM COMMON to name but a few locations.

LAMBETH's LEGAL "PRINCE LANCELOTT" is claiming to have "Chief Executive" status documentary evidence which even pre-dates KILROY's STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH BLOG. Lancelott said the evidence was "on offer" but when it came to the nitty-gritty it so far has NOT been made available. Maybe he's got "caught short" - let's hope so and its not another LABOUR "OPERATION DODGEY DOSSIER" in the preliminary planning stages.

Apparantly the gripe has to do with this months CABINET (as distinct - at least linguistically - from the Italian GABINETTO) meeting scheduled to "drop its drawers" on the public toilets issue on 28 January.

KILROY reckons it'll be rather a tame lame duck gabinetto affair given how long we've had to wait for the occasion plus forty million miles of mouths-shut-tight circumspection. Councillors and officials are much un-enthused by STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH's stand-up "WOMEN ONLY" pre-publicity for "HANDBAGS" for the Boyo's "PISSOIRS" for the "GIRLS" (2008) revue (see earlier posts this month).

Ah poor things - tho' that is NOTHING. NOTHING as compared to no public toilets for 2 decades and having to skulk and scallywag to find relief. Or even far worse not being able to leave the house as many Lambeth elderly or otherwise troubled folk are because public toilets have all been closed and demolished. You couldn't make Lambeth Council up it is uniquely and utterly bowel blocked.


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