Tuesday, 9 December 2008


LAMBETH Life the fortnightly COUNCIL propaganda rag dropped thro the door today. As rather expected it carried a half pager on the long awaited Council "COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME". It is more interested in giving a P R puff to verbal congrats from one or two locals than actually providing details of the actual locations where those businesses who have signed up as participants in the scheme are actually located. The latter locations have already been detailed during the past week on this blog - and photographs of relatively localised premises have also been uploaded.
LAMBETH Life offers a web link address www.lambeth.gov.uk/communitytoilets which does provide the details if searched in computer browsers.
However very importantly many local people do not have computers or computer know how and so those persons will in effect not have the information to hand. This is a serious shortcoming. LAMBETH Life wastes incredible amounts of space in edition after edition and the CTS locations information could very easily have been published in full and should have been.


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