Thursday, 8 January 2009


The Ad' says it all really. LAMBETH CRAP COUNCIL circa 1988 and ever since might like to large it about how amazingly prophetic and all powerful it is - almost Godlike. Pull the other one its got bells on. Excellent at pulling strokes, doing the dirty so far as public toilets are concerned but so far as CENTRAL STOCKWELL is concerned LAMBETH is 2 million percent plus unable to re-provide any facilities at all. LABOUR'S STAND UP FOR STOCKWELL BLOG has recently publically conceded that the situation is CRAP and (at least overtly) it isn't actually calling on GOD to do the necessary. It wouldn't do a lot of good anyway any more than LABOUR's normal claptrap re public toilet provision. Not that the LIB DEMS are any better - they were in power in STOCKWELL WARD for 12 years plus and never ever addressed the problem at all - BOGROLL BOTRALL and all that. So roll on the STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH ATHEIST BUS CAMPAIGN. Make sure you empty your bowell etc., before leaving home cos' there sure aint no GOD about the manor at the ready with a loo facility. Oh no!!


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