Friday, 24 January 2014


Doesn't need much elaboration - the above satirical title page speaks volumes.  Possibly the most straight-forward straight-talking cover edition that has ever made it.

Zero info is ever published to help local folk - especially the elderly. to assimilate info that would help them to know where LAMBETH COMUNITY TOILET scheme participant premises are located - participant premises are supposed to display a CTS LOGO - some are not so doing - for example Clapham High Street MacDonalds - they used to display it but not any more.  Of course to find actual on street public toilets you would need to be a qualified Geologist because there are now less than a handfull across the whole of LAMBETH.  LAMBETH have been producing pretty pretty maps for local folk to participate in its so-called NEIGHBORHOOD ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMME - oh the maps were oh so pretty pretty - throughout the documentation including pretty maps not a single mention of public toilets - not even re the COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME. A pertinent way to express the LAMBETH COUNCIL attitude is that it DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT! In every edition LAMBETH could publish the CTS LOGO and explain its significance to readers so that they'd usefully memorise it.  I wrote to the WEaKPlonker rag a month or so ago about including COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME logo for readers help info info and there was not even so much as an acknowledgement.   

You'll see from WEaKPLonkER above that no such feature as READERS LETTERS exists - so there's an unlovely utterly uninspiring publication huh. The producers of WEaKPLonkER are a slick as shit outfit that's for sure - they pretend that they are so right-on up-front but they certainly aren't. A fairly recent WEaKPLonkER edition greatly starred JOANNA LUMLEY as Stockwell's "most illustrious inhabitant" smoking her face off.  So Tuff Shit on all those in the medical professions trying to prevent cancer by reducing the smoking habit. STOCKWELL's well intentioned CHEMIST's might as well dump or shred all that well intentioned stop smoking freebee ephemera eh? Superfical WEaKPLonkER indeed.    

Well now VAUXHALL BUS STATION that cost some 2m million quid to build and was much lorded is very likely to get demolished so that the ultra rich knobs who are hands full of money and likely to inhabit the VAUXHALL locality a decade to so from now. See HERE for an earlier BLOGSPOT.  The local VAUXHALL organisation KOV - HERE - are campaigning to try and keep the BUS STATION and voted only a week or so ago overwhelmingly to keep it at their specially convened public meeting.
that the WEaKPLonkER weekly could easily regularly publicise to help folk 
memorise and then use the opportunity that Scheme partners make available.   


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