Friday, 12 January 2007

"LAMBETH life-let-down" starring "ELLA-COP-OUT"

This is the lady - see earlier posts - who edits "LAMBETH life" the Lambeth Council propaganda monthly. In kilroy's lavatory-wall-opinion it regularly wastes acres of space and carries items that are hardly worth the paper they are printed on. It is all too self congatulatory. Since November Council Leader Steve Reed has run a page 3 (fully clothed of course) "column". January has him (predictably) churning out how committed he is to coming down really hard on anti-social- behaviour - he doesn't remotely mean (of course) Lambeth Council's own anti-social-behaviour - by which kilroy means the Council's disgusting and historically still un-reformed many public toilet closures over the past 2 decades. Last September - two weeks AFTER a local "Clapham and Stockwell Area Committee" meeting which had put the Council on the spot a little re the lack of public toilet provision in Stockwell Ella-Cop-Out put out a "Lambeth life" press release (this was not at the time of the meeting but 2 weeks later) spinning what a fantastic meeting had been held and "what great news" there now was re local public toilets - see earlier posts below.

The curious thing is that at that time she had also emailed an enquirier to say that the lack of public toilet provision was not the kind of matter that would be written about in "LAMBETH life" and she also confessed to have never heard of the GREATER LONDON ASSEMBLY report "AN URGENT NEED" (published early 2006) which clarified the history of local authority London-wide toilet closures and had called for urgent local authority action to correct what had happend and what was STILL being almost totally ignored.

On 24 October a launch campaign meeting for the GLA "AN URGENT NEED" report was held at Lambeth Town Hall. It was organised by London-wide pensioners organisations and not sponsored in any way by Lambeth Council. There was no appreciable attendance by Council staff or Councillors. There were no Lambeth "press releases" pre or post about this meeting - none from Ella-Cop-Out - indeed Ella-Cop-Outs "LAMBETH life" propaganda rag (to date) has still not once reported in any shape or form whatsoever in "LAMBETH life" about the lack of and now recognised urgent need for local public toilet provision. It is curious that Cop-Out put out her late "great news" Stockwell Toilets "press release" but has stedfastly maintained strict radio silence on the subject in "LAMBETH life" itself. On some fronts Lambeth Council simply refuses to engage in general democratic debate and disclosure on this problem. Another culprit in all this must of course also be Lambeth Councillor Lib Peck who has the primary responsibility for public toilet provision.

Remember the name -- remember the publication
Ella-Cop-Out -- "LAMBETH life" .
Ella-Cop-Out -- "LAMBETH life let down".


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