Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Home Secretary Reid plans “LLOGOSBO's" for ANTI SOCIAL LAMBETH COUNCIL.

As part of the government’s planned crack-down on serious-disorganised-slime-crime, to be debated in Parliament this very week, Home Secretary John Reid, will unveil plans to impose ASBO type control orders - LLOGOSBO's - on local authority officials,“Cabinet” level council members, and other member-level riff-raff believed to be deeply implicated in offensive and “serious-organised-slime” type anti-social policy dis-intiatives.

Specifically targeted at crap Lambeth Council, the anti-slime anti-crime control-type orders (known as LLOGOSBO’s) will go down a treat with many local people sick to the back teeth with witnessing Lambeth’s year-on-year prevarication and procrastination.

As one old campaigner still dressed in the self protective clothing he’d worn to meet Home Secretary Reid (including air filters) explained: "these Lambeth LOcal GOvernment Shit Bag OrderS are just what the doctor ordered. Why it is that these total cop-outs can get up on their high horses to clamp down on youths for daring to hang about on street corners while the Council has done nothing at all to provide public toilets for those who badly need them, and as a result quite apart from adding insult to injury, these LLOGOSBO losers are responsible for all the slime and shit accumulations up Dunkers Alley. And never forget this - it was Shit Bag Lambeth Council who closed our toilets in the first place”.

Dunkers Alley refers to the Clapham main road footpath cul-de-sac much used after the above closure for nearly 20 years as a public toilet.


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