Monday, 26 February 2007


A major hush hush investigation is underway. At the weekend "intelligence" sources indicated that up to 2000 UK born Afghan-trained anti-infidel "toilet extremists" are collectively and individually actively involved in plots to set up public toilet facilites across South London. We expect more news on these developments in due course. Aside from the "extremist" behaviour of "Lambeth Council" (back in September 1988) there is no suspicion that "toilet extremist" training camps were EVER established in Stockwell - well not in recent years. The Oasis Nature Garden on the Studley Estate has been gone over with a very fine tooth comb and as anticipated nothing incriminating has been discovered. And in any case Stockwell hasn't had ANY public toilets now for nigh on 20 years. However the Blairite lie machine has been spewing out more of the same, namely that these exploitative "stop-at-nothing toilet extremists" could try to cash-in on this failure of the so-called "democratic" process. One source (too constipated to be identified at this stage) has suggested that "toilet extremists" have a number of core "public convenience infidels" in their sights who could come to grief. The general idea is that having upset the Gods they'll end up "boiled in oil with scabs". This latter form of punishment - given that it is to be "divinely performed and ordained" will NOT be a "MARIA'S KITCHEN" initiative. Although it is hoped that police are keeping a protective watch on STOCKWELL PARTNERSHIP because its boastful website claims kudo's for having had the old Binfield Road Stockwell Public Toilets totally demolished and removed.


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