Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Numerous posts to this blog over the past year have clearly signified that certain individuals have gone missing, have gone to ground and the signs are that things are deteriorating fast. Hence the need for a series of MISSING PERSON ALERTs.


When KILROY was recently sent threatening warnings because the Council was upset by STOCKWELL TOILET WATCHs campaigning activities – which included shock horror – trying to keep Council officials and Members appraised of what campaigning was actually going on – MARK HYNES, head of the Council's LEGAL and DEMOCRATIC SERVICES actually went missing. KILROY got messages both electronic and hard mail but HYNES had curiously gone missing – his correspondences were either un-signed or 3rd party. It was only after KILROY puked up HYNES' disappearance in no uncertain terms at GRIMEBALL REEDs 28 January Cabinet meeting (see recent earlier Cabinet posts) that a properly hand-signed HYNES missive subsequently arrived. So there does seem to be at least a modicum of evidence that MISSING PERSON ALERTS do re-discover the un-recoverable.


Another longer standing “disappeared” has been “Middlesboro are playing away” Pete Bowyer. He is believed to be both a STOCKWELL WARD COUNCILLOR and Board member of HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES. KILROYs oft used satirical description of him as “Middlesboro are playing away” derived from the fact that he hails from Middlesboro and can't help himself from letting on that's he's totally potty about his home town football team so when he appears to be somehow "disappeared" the presumption is that yet again Middlesboro must be playing away. Kilroy did not invent Middlesboro football. He was cued-in so to speak by Bowyers own P R fantasy and hype.

Bowyer is definitely MISSING. As previously posted he was MISSING from the 28 January Council Cabinet meeting that (as posted) sort-of considered Lambeth Public Toilet provision. Kilroy hasn't checked MIDDLESBORO fixtures for 28 January. As mentioned Pete the Player is a Hyde Southbank Board member and last year (in October and with a December reminder) he was requested by Kilroy's keeper with photographic evidence to look into the abuse and misuse of a local STOCKWELL WAR MEMORIAL GARDEN as a public toilet on a HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES estate -see "TREES FOR SHITTIES - The Hyde Southbank Homes Connection" (14 December) posting. He was requested to acknowledge requests but hasn't responded at all. He is presumed to be missing.
Currently (12 January edition) the SOUTH LONDON PRESS carries an interesting full 2 pager about SOUTHWARK COUNCIL's dire budget cuts in services. It also mentions that this cash strapped Council has just increased by £200,000 the “distribution costs” for its own in-house propaganda freebee “SOUTHWARK LIFE”. The article poses the question – what IS going on here? This is similar to another MISSING MIDDLESBORO PETE matter because on 16 January Kilroy's keeper emailed Middlesboro asking (1) for an acknowledgement and (2) for details of what increased costs (including distribution etcetera) are now being incurred given Lambeth Council's decision to publish and distribute 126,000 extra copies of "LAMBETH LIFE" - up from just once monthly to fortnightly. Yet again - to date - no acknowledgment, no feedback, MIDDLESBORO PETE is still missing.

Tomorrow – more missing person alerts.


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