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A number of recent Kilroy posts have covered so far unsuccessful attempts made to engage HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES. As posted HSH managing director SACHA JEVANS for whatever reason has become a “MISSING PERSON” most conspicuously so because of her non responses. She had been reasonably requested to indicate whether Hyde's “Board” (which includes 2 local Lambeth Councillors) had done anything at all in recent years to address the central Stockwell problems that have arisen because of the closure of our local public toilets.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Yesterdays post outlined various arguements and indicated that steps had now been taken to try and engage Mr. Jonathan Radcliffe, Hyde's newly appointed “anti social behaviour” officer. The faint hope was that he'd be prompted by a poem or two to engage Sacha Jevans in the hope the he might be able to effect a more sociable communicable outlook on her part. Printed on a small fold over card the two poems were:------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jonathan "ASBO" Radcliffe
I hope your spot
with Hyde Southbank Homes
won't prove too grot!
along the side walls
lotsa folk still dunk
their "caught-short" cookies.
Maybe some day
in several light years or so
(exactly when 'tis hard to know)
will get relief
at central Stockwell we might see
a proper Public Lavatory
that would nae faze
the likes of me
would just repeat
olde history.

Ah Mr. "ASBO" Radcliffe
a problem anti-social
with your very own MD!
letters emails go unanswered
count 1, then 2 then 3.
Could I prevail upon you
(in your official capacity)
to have a litle word
an anti-social HSH MD
is truly quite absurd!
Here in central Stockwell
there are no public loos
folk like me are caught-short
victims of Council abuse
Lambeth closed our Stockwell loos
20 years ago Oh Dear
boy how they've handled this scandal
has sure been cavalier.
and now your MD Sacha
she won't talk won't play ball
(has HSH ever tried
to sort the prob?)
please get "Sacha Anti-Social"
to tell us one and all!

Along with these two poems there were the words of Sacha greeting made back in October 2006 and reported in HOME GROUND the local HSH magazine.
"Listening to the views of residents will remain central to
shaping the developing service that meets the needs of local residents ... maintain strong working relationships with residents ... will keep them at the heart of future performance ... to
continue HSH's incredible achievements ... new ways to improve the estates, and the environment in which our residents live".
Herewith by way of further explanation the enclosed COVERING LETTER --------------------------

5 March 2008.

Mr. Jonathan Radcliffe.
Principle Housing
Hyde Southbank
275. Clapham Road. SW9 9BH.

Dear Mr. Radcliffe.
I hope that you won't be getting very many reports poetic or otherwise fingering your H S H Managing Director SACHA JEVANS for being anti social. As you might expect given that I have lived nearby on the Studley Estate since 1954 from when it pretty well first came into commission I have had variable responses from housing officials about inevitable matters that
have tended to arise from time to time - in the main they have been okay both during the period when the housing stock was Lambeth Council managed and since Hyde took over. They haven't always been okay tho and this latest difficulty ought not to have arisen because there is no justification for Jevans non responses and so given your “housing official” role as briefly profiled in the current edition of HOME GROUND it would be helpful if you could take on board the anti social behaviour of your in-house H S H Managing Director.

Perhaps, as might be expected over the years be it Lambeth Council or Hyde there hasn't been the same enthusiasm on the part of the authorities to pinpoint, acknowledge and/or publicly deal with anti social policies or responses that are in-house – my meaning being that politicians and
officials also behave anti socially but they tend not to get fingered or made to take on board the negative responsibilities for their behaviours. Lambeth's absolutely disgraceful closures over the years of many public conveniences is one such case in point. The anti socials focussed are solely
those who publicly urinate because public toilets have been closed and not the authorities who occasioned the closures.

I have had other experiences of Hyde Anti Social behaviours – before Jevan's arrival – when Hyde for months on end sought to defraud me out of a rent overpayment of about £80 – it took nearly a year to get the refund and believe me the continued devious behaviours of numbers of Hyde staff was absolutely despicable – the monies only eventually got paid back because
despite typical Hyde off the cuff threats I campaigned conventionally and unconventionally and
would absolutely not allow Hyde to get away with it. I am absolutely convinced that many people (as no doubt Hyde was calculating) would not have have the where with all to have got a refund. But this said as indicated above my experiences living here have of course not all been
negative – and on the Hyde record if you were to burrow you would find acknowledgement made on my part that there have been results other than negative ones.

Yours sincerely.....
Well life goes on, Kilroy awaits developments but not with baited breath. From the content of yesterdays “covering letter” it is clear that over time far far stranger stronger things than HSH “silences” have formed part of Kilroy's kitbagged experiences.

Tomorrow - HSH pay-back time POETRY.
Monday - ART SHOW starring PRIMROSE and the HSH "AIRBRUSHERS"


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