Thursday, 6 March 2008


The new kid is Principle Housing Officer Mr. Jonathan Radcliffe. Everybody has to start somewhere. According to the current Stockwell edition of HOME GROUND (which is financially and in other ways supported by HSH) Radcliffe is tasked with sorting ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR. And so it is that no doubt to his surprise he is being "poetically" tasked by STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH's custodian (so to speak) who is also a HSH tenant, to take on board the apparent ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR of HSH's MANAGING DIRECTOR, SACHA JEVANS. She has become a “missing person”, hasn't responded to or has even acknowledged quite reasonable requests made to her for possible HSH feedback.
A number of relatively recent posts to this blog have windowed what has been going on to engage the attention of HSH. Most recently for example KILROY FLIES A "HYDE AND SEEK" STOCKWELL KITE(3 Feb), KILROY'S HYDE AND SEEK KITE - PART 2 (14 Feb). The point has been made on numerous occasions by various means and devices in posts to this blog that the anti social behaviours of those in authority – councillors and council officials (for example) never get identified as - or dealt with as - anti social behaviours. Urinate up the famous Clapham Road/BETTER BOOKIES Stockwell pathway 'cos there aren't any local bogs (or ditto behind the trees lining the Hyde Studley Estate War Memorial Garden area) and it is definitely anti social behaviour but the behaviours of those who actually closed central Stockwell's toilets and who have never provided replacement facilities have never been similarly identified as - or officially acknowledged as - having been ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOURS. And the continuation of the situation of this problem for 20 years has similarly never been even remotely officially couched in ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR jargon.
On toilet closures and tone-down cover-ups Kilroy recommends interested parties to read the LAMBETH COUNCIL STREET CARE DEPARTMENT “PUBLIC CONVENIENCES” REPORT that went to CABINET on 28 January. Of course it had to make reference to toilet closures but did so in a cursory devious deflective way and of course there wasn't a sniff of the real truth that (for example) in the case of CENTRAL STOCKWELL its toilet was closed 20 years ago along with 4 other local loos (with a sixth put on hold for later closure). In 1988 it was an out and out ANTI SOCIAL COUNCIL OPERATION.
So visiting ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR labelling (or even sanctions!!) on OFFICIALDOM is NOT flavour of the month with those in authority, indeed (surprise! surprise!) there is a built in total anathema to so doing. This Council show cases that it is concerned about abusehowever its own reticence in admitting its own many abuses is also an abuse. And this abuse is one that it is about time it grew up and faced up to. Instead it points its grimey fake finger at this BLOG and bullshits about how open and democratic its taken-for-granted approach is. If it was discovered that the closed underground toilets in front of the Tate Library Central Brixton had been used by Blair and Bush to hide secretly renditioned Guantanamo Prisoners with a nod and a wink from so-called democratic local Labour Council Blairites even that wouldn't come as the greatest of surprises.

Tomorrow - "New Kite Kid" - Part Two.


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