Wednesday, 5 March 2008


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Am pleased that the South London Press has yet again given over space to the Lambeth's dire public bogs problems. The above Green Party S L P letter is principled and worthwhile as far as it goes and it could certainly have gone further - we still don't know which pop-up pissoirs will ever see the light of day – we don't know how long they will pop-up for if they ever do – it'll probably only be on Friday and Saturday nights and just for a few hours at most so for most of the week pissoirs will be a no no.

This Green Party letter is also surprising in a positive sense because after the disgusting 28 January “PUBLIC CONVENIENCES” Council CABINET meeting at which “GRIMEBALL REED” Council leader (so called) pulled his totally underhand lying strokes (see earlier posts - 28 January - A FILTHY LAMBETH CABINET MEETING and 29 January MORE LOW LIFE FILTH ON REED) the Green Party's Herne Hill Councillor REBBECCA THACKRAY astonishingly wrote that she "rather liked the thinking that was now going into LAMBETH COUNCIL's public toilets proposals" (!!). Kilroy will leave it at that – the S L P letter IS A PLUS in terrain that for the most part is bare and deserted. We'll have to see – if we ever do - how REBBECCA THACKRAY gets on with those pop-up pissoirs.

Tomorrow – a window on HYDE SOUTHBANK HOMES – a "poetic plus" call for in-house action by its Principle ASBO Housing Officer.


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