Monday, 14 April 2008


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Utra crap Royal Lambeth Council who took 3 years longer than Westminster Council to even plan the >possible< introduction >within another 2 years< of twice weekly night-time pissoir urinals, and pathetically promoted them as “space age innovation” (see) is now rumoured to be considering trying to cash-in on Lambeth Public Convenience “loo signs” by applying for copyright controls on their reproduction.

While Westminster Council copyrights famous “street sign” locations, in the Royal Boro of Lambeth loo signs (eg POPES ROAD PRICE HIKE or DUNKERS ALLEY) are of such delicacy and rarity that the Council fears that cheap-skate postcards replicating Royal Lambeth Loo signs might eventually flood, and thereby lessen, the proud reputation of the Royal Boro. In addition Royal Lambeth is so skint and ineffectual on the public toilets front that it sorely needs to raise every pysss poor penny it can if it is ever going to operate a so-called Community Toilet Scheme (CTS).

Among Lambeth’s extensive “caught-short community” the belief persists that the CTS will barely if ever see the light of day. And that even this Lambeth Loo signs copyright initiative will result in very little if any progress. The pyysoir-headed leader (so called) of the Royal Boro (Grimeball Reedsee) refused to comment on details leaked to STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH. A Council spokesman would only comment "the Council doesn’t want any old Tom Dick or Kilroy taking down-market exploitative advantage of its minuscule number of public convenience locations". Grimeball Reed himself is believed to be shoring-up his pelvic region gases hoping to drop-a-really-big-one if he ever gets even the remotest worthwhile public toilets idea.


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