Sunday, 25 May 2008


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SHOCK HORROR ALARM. Would 42 days provide sufficient time for Sir Ian Blair's finest in conjunction with MI5 (and their " organised crime vice scene sleeper assets") to thoroughly investigate and expose LORD CARLILE'S "FISH'n'PLOTS" shop if it was a late night paradise for bomb plotting radicalised half wits ? Apparently not. Not if you are foolish enough to believe its ultra self important proprietor.

The real danger is that this shop with its Lordly Carlile connections could become a LAMBETH COUNCIL "COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME" asset and an extremely dangerous one at that. Of course the CTS is not going to happen immediately - we should be so lucky. LAMBETH COUNCIL "Leader" (so-called) Grimeball Reed and his cop-out political cronies aren't likely to do much for some years - putting money where their mouths are is not even remotely their style.

But if an Exeter Fish'n'Chippery can provide a meeting place for half witted bomb plotters - (as the unofficial official story goes) why not CARLILE's here in the radical heart of CENTRAL STOCKWELL? And given Ian Blair's performance in relation to the police murder of MENEZES a mere 42 days to hold suspects would seen extremely insufficient. That is presuming that the information be it incriminating or otherwise IS also going to be shared with the Commissioner. Make no mistake about it investigating deep cover late night FISH'n'PLOTS shops is astonishingly time consuming and difficult.

These are very worrying times for KILROY and STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH. We have had STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH fly-by-night terrorist orientated scares before and fortunately not much came of them. Indeed the only real problem KILROY encountered was when he dared to suggest that local STOCKWELL WARD "actress councillor" IMOGEN WALKER might participate in a spot of PISSOIR "STAND -UP" WOMEN ONLY entertainment. As if an ex Linda Lovelace protegee would do that. Perish the pissoir thought.


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