Thursday, 5 June 2008


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It is extremely unlikely that Central Stockwell Penis Toting Headstand VD Crew will do much to prompt Lambeth Council out of its ongoing local loo provision lethargy.

Anyway VD has suddenly raised its unsavoury snouty profile (so to speak) on Hyde Southbank Homes run central Stockwell STUDLEY ESTATE. In fact close by to where BETTER BOOKIES side wall and also the nearby WAR MEMORIAL GARDEN trees are needs be very regularly used by the local “CAUGHT SHORT” community.

Those with a penchant for acrobatic penis inclined VD might quietly appreciate its “STAND UP” appeal. KILROY would much prefer boring old down to earth normal public toilet provision – much like had once locally existed for many many decades. In fact until September 1988 when a spot of LAMBETH COUNCIL fly by night jiggery pokery resulted in the closure for no good reason of five local public toilet facilities including of course those at the Stockwell Binfield Road intersection.

If anyone could quietly jinx LAMBETH COUNCIL “Leader” (so-called) GRIMEBALL REED and his “TERMINAL 5” cronies into Public Toilet Provision action let them get on with it. Alas as ever MIDDLEBORO ARE STILL PLAYING AWAY.


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