Saturday, 7 June 2008


Click on IMAGE to read the latest super-slick GRIMEBALL REED LAMBETH LOW LIFE "Column". He's begging for it - wants folk to write to him about local difficulties - he'll leap up off his rear end and sort things!!

If only low life GRIME BALL REED could be relied upon to do it - unfortunately NOT.

This is the LAMBETH LOW LIFE who dealt off the very bottom of the pack at the 28 January Council Cabinet meeting that considered Lambeth public toilet provision.

Take him up on his LAMBETH LIAR offer - request him to provide the full guff on what exactly he is doing to provide public toilets in central Stockwell - see how far you DON'T get with it.

Ask him why it is that this borough wide problem has barely ever seen the light of day in LAMBETH LIAR?

When exactly is central Stockwell going to see the COMMUNITY TOILET SCHEME in operation?

Why no LAMBETH LIAR feed back at all when it is over 4 months since the Lambeth Cabinet supposedly agreed to operate such a scheme?


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